Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Synthesis Essay

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  • Yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ) is one of the promising materials for thermal barrier coating. In the present study, YSZ nanostructures have been synthesized in presence of a nonionic surfactant (Triton X-100) at low temperature (120 °C) using hydrothermal route. Our key observation is 'Zirconia' forms as spherical particles while 'Yttria' prefers the rod-like morphology in the presence of Triton X-100. Doping Yttria in zirconia up to 3 mol % (3YSZ), leads to the formation of rod-shaped Yttria (length  =  100 nm, width  =  25 nm) decorated with zirconia nanoparticles. However, increasing dopant concentration to 8 mol %, spindle shaped-particles (tip  =  2 nm, width  =  42 nm, length  =  100 nm) were observed for the first time. These yttria doped zirconia show good thermal stability up to1200 °C (weight loss ~6–12%) without any secondary phase formation.


     • Cubic Yttria stabilized zirconia were synthesized at low temperature by hydrothermal route

     • Thermal stability of 8YSZ shows 5.5% weight loss only up to 1200 °C.

     • Doping of Yttria in zirconia leads to change in the morphology of the product.

     • Yttria prefers formation of the anisotropic shape of the product.

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