Buddhism Essay Ideas

9 Fresh Topics For Creating A Great Essay On Buddhism

Buddhism is world religion with as many as 530 million followers today. That’s about 8% of the world’s population. Though it is practiced throughout the world, China has the most followers. It has such a rich history with many sub-beliefs and sects that it makes for a great subject within religious, social, political, philosophical and historical studies. Here are 9 fresh topics you can use for creating a one of a kind essay or to get some inspiration to develop ideas of your own:

  1. How Buddhism has influenced Asian culture and ways of life. How different do you think Asian culture would be without the influence of religion? What impact will Western religions or other religions of the world have on the Asian way of life as we know it today?
  2. How Buddhism impacted China and Tibet relations. Though China allows personal religious practices, it does not allow for religious organizations to profit from people. How did this play into China’s occupation of Tibet?
  3. Buddhist impact on Asian aesthetics. How has the religion affected the way Asian aesthetics have developed throughout history? Do you think that some ideals concerning aesthetics are exaggerated?
  4. The value of meditation in Buddhist practices. How has meditation which finds its roots in this religion become a part of so many aspects of differing lives around the world? Do you believe that meditation should be practiced or understood by others?
  5. How Zen Buddhists have reached the Western world. Some sects of the religion have had a tremendous influence on other parts of the world and have reached the Western world specifically. How did this occur?
  6. Technology and practices of traditional Buddhists. Technology has made the teachings of Buddhism much more accessible to people around the world. But is use of technology counter-intuitive to what the religion stands for?
  7. Compare the differences and similarities of Buddhism and Judaism. Historically, there are many similarities between the two religions. However, religious leaders today don’t believe the two have very much in common.
  8. How do Buddhists view feminist values and movements? Though equality is promoted the rise of feminist values is only a recent phenomenon. What struggles have women faced to achieve equality within the religion?
  9. How science plays into Buddhist values. By its own definition, the religion is also a kind of science. Explore the way the two can co-exist and be one in the same?

An Introduction To Buddhism

Buddhism is a religion. Currently in 2014 there are more than 300 million people who study Buddhism spread across the world. The religion name was derived and means to be awakened. Buddhism has been practiced for more than 2,500 years. This happened when Siddhartha Gotama, also known as Buddha, awakened when he was just 35 years old.

Although a religion for most Buddhist it is far more than simply a religion. It is a way of life. Siddhartha Gotama was born into royalty in 563 BC. He decided that his money did not bring happiness to him, nor would it to anyone else. At the age of 29 he began teaching different religion views that tradition. They reflected on the happiness of the human being. He spent six years studying the religion and teaching people his views and beliefs, and after enlistment began teaching Buddhism. He spent the remainder of his life teaching people about his beliefs and how they could live their lives happy and free of stress and worry. The Buddha passed away at the age of 80. He lived his entire life devoted to these teachings until this age and his death.

What is Buddhism?

Buddhism practices following three basic practices:

  • To develop a strong sense of wisdom and gain understanding
  • Living a sound and moral life
  • To be aware and in control of all of your thoughts

Living Happy Lives

Those who study Buddhism are able to lead lives that are fulfilled and happy. This is the key to life. This is one of the reasons that more people are practicing Buddhism. But there are other reasons as well. It answers problems that we face in the world and helps those who are studying gain a better, deeper understanding of their mind. Worshiping of Buddha is also common.


There are many people who practice Buddhism around the world. These people study this region, or philosophy of life, for a number of different reasons. Those who do choose to study the religion are usually leading healthy, happy and productive lives since this is the focus of the religion’s being on another life. Buddhism has a long history in the world as well as many people who practice it on a daily basis. There is a reason for this popularity, and there is no question the number of people practicing will only continue to rise in the years ahead.


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