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Essay on The Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming

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The greenhouse effect is an important phenomenon and is currently holding national and international attention. Why is there an interest in the effect? Why are people willing to invest so much time and effort investigating its consequences and willing to suffer by them? What is the basis for believing the effect is real?

The greenhouse effect is a naturally occurring process, which is initiated by the sun. It is a result of the fact that there are gases in the Earth’s atmosphere which contain the properties to absorb longwave radiation. What this means is that gases such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Methane(CH4) and Water (H2O) act as a blocker to the returning beam of the sun. We will see what a significant effect this has in a…show more content…

On average, about 51% of the radiation reaches the surface. (
This radiation warms the surface of the earth and heat rises from the surface (the percentage of solar energy reflected back by a surface is known as the albedo). This is where the greenhouse gases come into play. As the heat rises to the atmosphere, it gets trapped by the gases, and around 90% of this heat is again sent back towards the surface of the earth. ( As we can see this causes a spiral effect, known as positive feedback.

Although many gases contribute to the greenhouse effect, Carbon Dioxide and water vapour are the most prominent, and receives the most attention in relation to global warming. Concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are now approaching 360 parts per million. Prior to 1700, levels of carbon dioxide were about 280 parts per million ( The main cause of this significant increase is the Industrial revolution. Fossil fuel combustion for industry, transportation, space heating, electricity generation and cooking are just some of the major sources of the gas, and explain why it has increased so rapidly in recent times. (

There has been a huge surge of attention towards global warming within the last 20 years. The reason for this interest is because it affects all of us directly. It is

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Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect Essay example

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Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect

Human induced climate change resulting from an enhanced greenhouse effect is probably the greatest environmental threat facing the world today. Specifically, the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide may be classified as the primary culprit. As a result of greenhouse gases entering the upper levels of the earth's atmosphere, it diminishes or breaks down the earth's Ozone layer. With this loss of this protective blanket, harmful radioactive rays from the sun enter the deeper into the earth's atmosphere. This creates a rise in the overall temperature of our planet, along with alterations in the global environment, ecosystems and way of life for the habitants of earth.

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I think a considerable measure that can be taken would be to address the threat of climate change to the main international countries contributing to it. I think all countries should discuss and create a solution to minimize the atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases at a level that would prevent dangerous interference with the earths’ climate change. Such a level should be achieved within a timeframe sufficient to allow ecosystems to adapt naturally to climate change, to ensure food production is not threatened and to allow economic development to proceed in a sustainable manner. One example of this in our world today is the use of “Green Building� technology or “Sustainable Design� in architectural design of structures. This innovative idea of building allows structures to be built using recycled materials or substances that are less harmful to the environment. The efficient use of light and energy would be the most concentrated means of achieving a specific design goal.

Aside from the political and legal measures taken in this matter, I feel companies need to undertake voluntary measures to address the climate change. As residents of earth, it is essential to be aware of the impacts ones’ company is generating. A company should measure their greenhouse gas emission and assess the impacts of these gases from their products. Companies should also try to

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