Engl 227 Week 3 Assignment 2

Unformatted text preview: I have completed my year with your firm and eligible for 2 weeks of vacation. I have completed all my work. I will make sure that all my pending work is completed before I leave for my trip. I will make sure that whoever fills in for me in my absence may not have much work to do and have my contact number to contact me in any emergency situation. As you are aware, I am a very hardworking person never bee late at my work or missed a day. I would like to spend some time with my family. If you have any question or consideration, I can be reached at 555-555-5555 or at [email protected] . While at vacation, I will check my email everyday so I can be reached if there is some emergency. Thank you for considering my request. Please let me know if my vacation request has been approved. With thanks and regard. Sincerely, Employee name Employee Signature...
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ENGL227 Week 3 Routine Message Planning Questions/Audience ProfileDaniel WilliamsComplete this audience profile as part of the Week 3 Assignment. Answer the questions below thoroughly and accurately to create a profile for your audience (your division manager, Anne Brown) and her needs in relation to the message. 1. Who is the audience? The audience in this scenario is research team. 2. Is my audience external or internal? The audience is internal, due to the letter head to company department. This company is responsible for the shipping through the country of Indonesia without and damage to the resident’s homes as well as the traffic in the area.3. How much does my audience know about the transportation problem? How much does she know about how to communicate with the Indonesian residents? This audience knows about the transportation problems that include: Semi-trailers 40 foot by 12m. They will be going through rural and farm areas and communities of a residential park.


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